Our Services

We offer broad structural engineering services for your projects small or large ……

  • Complete  design documents (drawings and specifications)  for permitting, bid & construction
  • Preliminary design for cost estimate
  • Design for structural repairs and retrofits
  • Structural inspections and investigations (cracks, excessive deflections & vibrations, concrete spalling)
  • Design of structural upgrade for seismic and/or hurricane resistance
  • Value engineering (design optimization)
  • Design of precast or pre-tensioned concrete structures or members
  • Design of precast cladding and facade panels & connections
  • Design of floating concrete structures (platforms, dry docks, LNG containers, ocean compressed air energy storage (OCAES))
  • Long-span structures
  • Precast aircraft maintenance hangars
  • Design of civil structures and elements (poles, drainage structures, liquid containing tanks, underground utility structures)
  • Design of land or sea based supports for wind mills and solar panels
  • Design of pre-stressing beds
  • Peer review
  • Expert witness