Hybrid Floating Dry dock

Recently commissioned Peleke Nui floating dry dock (owner Marisco Ltd), was based on a hybrid design for a high-strength concrete pontoon with steel wing walls, taking advantage of the durable concrete for the pontoon and light weight steel for the wing walls. The durability, strength and stiffness of the concrete pontoon were further boosted with post-tensioned tendons. The pontoon was designed with honeycombed internal structure (precast hollow cylinders interlinked in both directions) sandwiched between top & bottom deck slabs and enclosed by external hull walls.

This floating dry dock was built in Asia, then towed to its destination in Oahu, Hawaii  and outfitted by the owner, before it was commissioned for services.

Concrete has been proven for its serviceability, durability and  toughness against harsh ocean environment and forces. The long term cost benefits can weigh heavily on the decisions by investors when it comes to choosing between steel and concrete . 

If you are interested in the structural design of the floating dry dock, please feel free to contact us. This structural system can be also applied to concrete barges, floating platforms, LNG container vessels, etc.


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